The first brokerage event for SurfSAFE was organized on October 26th with the Research and Innovation Support Unit from UPORTO in the framework of the BIN@PORTO initiative. BIN@ is an international network of academic and industry partners engaged in supporting open innovation and the creation of sustainable forum for sharing good practices and opportunities in innovation.

The event entitled “Food Safety – Monitoring and Mitigation Strategies for Safer Products” was moderated by Luís Melo (emeritus Professor, UPORTO), and included presentations from Filipe Mergulhão (SurfSAFE coordinator, UPORTO), Sara Medina (SPI Ventures, a consultancy company) and Ana Mota (Navires Lda, a condiment producer in Portugal). Filipe Mergulhão presented the SurfSAFE project in a communication entitled “SurfSAFE – Using biomimetic surfaces to reduce biofilms in the food industry”.

This brokerage event had the participation of 49 invitees from industry, academia, consultancy companies, liaison organizations and governmental agencies working in the food sector. Participants from 8 countries attended the event.

Filipe Mergulhão (SurfSAFE coordinator) presenting the SurfSAFE project.

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